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The inventor of integrated compliance fabric with unparalleled data security and turnkey regulatory alignment. Elegantly built from the ground up and configured to order. Your cyber assets are safe and compliance is not a hassle.



Private data collection, processing and distribution is evolving at a staggering pace. In the meantime, the spread of cyber assets is increasing to personal mobile devices and smart electronic appliances with a global network outreach. Not only the ever-growing amount of digital information needs to be kept secure, it is also subject to stringent corporate policies and recurring regulatory audits. Here’s when Bluezone comes to the rescue, with its innovation in the areas of packaged compliance and managed security. A state-of-the-art engineered security system, Bluegrid is a turnkey solution to all of your compliance needs, where a complete set of integrated computing resources works in concert to enable business flexibility through a data-centric security. We have taken and extraordinary opportunity to lead the information protection market and demonstrate how compliant utility computing becomes reality.


In a technologically advanced world operational systems are often a target of severe security threats. Even the most sophisticated methods of protecting the backend systems often leave the client interface and partner integration at risk. Secure by design, Bluefabric architecture paves the way to rapid regulatory alignment. Built on an innovative “zero trust” security model, it assumes that the so called “trusted network” no longer exists, and all access to sensitive data allowed strictly on the need-to-know basis. All critical resources are retrieved securely regardless who initiates the communication, and where it originates. Security controls travel with the data itself, alleviating the threat of malicious access through a sustainable and easy-to-operate automated process. The encrypted and tokenized private data is no longer at risk of being lost or compromised, while readily available to the authorized recipients.


Industry and government regulations are issued to protect computer environments from security attacks and data breaches; but the implementation and maintenance of compliance requirements is often a financial burden. A traditional approach to compliance implies massive gap analysis and significant effort of network segregation, system migration and issue remediation. On the contrary, the Bluezone solution offers portable compliance infrastructure ready to be deployed in our secure hybrid cloud, or delivered to the data center of your choice. Our integrated compliance fabric meets nine prevalent regulatory standards, including payment card industry, federal cloud security and healthcare privacy. All components essential to an enhanced security environment are implemented and pre-configured in our engineering facility, including network, compute and storage. As a result, you experience significant cost savings on the initial compliance delivery and recurring regulatory audits.




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Bluezone presents the world’s first “Compliance as a Service” cloud environment, a one stop shop for organizations to meet their regulatory objectives, starting with unparalleled security at the foundation. Bluegrid, our engineered “Compliance in a Box” security system, includes a cohesive set of integrated components, fully complete and ready to satisfy various security and privacy regulations.

At Bluezone, we believe in offering to our customers the best solution in data-centric security and regulatory compliance, and to our employees an environment that strives for excellence and fosters creative thinking. You get a chance to improve Bluefabric, a revolutionary “Software Defined Compliance” architecture.

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