/// Federal Cloud Security

Security controls for authorization, continuous monitoring and audit of federal information systems in cloud computing environments.


Embrace federal cloud security fully enabled with the Bluezone hosted service that supports FedRAMP Security Controls and promotes public trust.

Cloud computing offers a unique opportunity for the Federal Government to take advantage of the cutting edge information technologies, in order to reduce operating costs and increase the efficiency of services offered to its citizens. FedRAMP introduces an innovative policy approach to developing trusted relationships between Federal Agencies and Cloud Service Providers (CSP), which collectively must implement the defined security controls within a cloud environment. The specifics of operating public services in a cloud computing environment creates some unique challenges, which are often not easy to overcome while preserving the alignment with strict federal data protection criteria and inter-agency collaboration requirements.

Bluezone is the industry’s first compliance cloud service designed to address the complexity and cost of FedRAMP, among other regulatory standards. The Bluezone solution also provides built-in redundancy to meet continuous cloud service availability, fault tolerance and scalability.