/// Financial Cyber Security

Improved cyber security practices for federally regulated financial institutions and related third-party infrastructure service providers.


Bluezone integrated compliance and security protects your confidential financial assets in a secure and cost-effective manner, applying modern methods of encryption and tokenization to facilitate financial regulatory alignment.

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) is an independent agency of the Government of Canada, established to contribute to the safety of the financial system in alignment with the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS). OSFI supervises and regulates federally registered banks and insurers, trust and loan companies, as well as private pension plans subject to federal oversight. OSFI monitors the financial and economic environment to identify issues that may adversely affect these institutions, and takes further steps to assess their material risks.

OSFI self-assessment template sets out desirable properties and characteristics of cyber security practices that could be considered by a federally regulated financial institution (FRFI) when assessing the adequacy of its cyber security framework. Quite often, meeting the outlined Cyber Security principles presents a complexity around hardening banking computing environments and keeping up with the pace of financial services business dynamics.

Bluezone, following its guiding philosophy of the “zero trust” model, brings an innovative realization of data-centric information security to the financial environment, where protection controls travel together with sensitive financial records. Meeting OSFI Cyber Security and similar banking regulations is no longer a concern.