/// Healthcare Privacy

National standards for electronic healthcare transactions, medical information system security and personal health information privacy.


Bluezone cloud service secures electronic health records, while reducing the assessment scope and overall effort of HIPAA and similar audits.

Governments recognized that advances in electronic technology could erode the privacy of health information and consequently incorporated provisions that mandated the adoption of federal privacy and security controls for protecting individually identifiable health records maintained by physician practices and their business associates. The regulations imposed restrictions on the use and disclosure of an individual’s protected health information (PHI) and also provisions for “individual rights” such as a patient’s right to access their PHI, restrict disclosures, request amendments or an accounting of disclosures, and their right to complain without retaliation. Such provisions created a complexity around PHI security, often resulting in extensive timelines and budget overruns for HIPAA audits.

With Bluezone, the processing of the sensitive parts of an electronic health record (such as the patient’s name, address, telephone number or healthcare identifier) is limited to a small-footprint secure environment, reducing the assessment scope and effort to certify HIPAA compliance.