/// Service Control

Criteria for adherence to trust service principles that test the design and effectiveness of non-financial reporting.


In a secure, integrated Bluezone environment you can easily and safely manage critical cyber assets of the user entity with minimal administration overhead. As a result, you can demonstrate the status of a trusted service organization and offer truly secure cloud solutions on the market.

SOC 2 / 3 reports introduced by American Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants (AICPA) test the design and operating effectiveness of a service organization’s non-financial reporting controls modelled around policies, communications, procedures and monitoring. The reports combined Trust Service Principles (TSP) earlier published by AICPA with the Attestation Standard (AT) Section 101, Attest Engagements as guidance to assist accounting professionals in auditing and reporting on the organization’s service control measures. SOC 2 / 3 specifically address quality and security of outsourced services, such as financial transaction management, medical claims processing, managed infrastructure hosting or cloud operation.

With Bluezone, your applications and infrastructure have been eliminated from the exposure to cyber threat. The systems and processes that previously appeared on the SOC 2 / 3 compliance report have been reduced to a carefully engineered and validated cloud environment.