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This unique solution of de-identifying your data drastically lowers your costs to maintain compliance via a reduction of secure infrastructure, applications and processes within your environment. Essentially, what is traveling throughout your network now is no longer sensitive and is completely safe. It eliminates the motivation for cyber attacks and minimizes the scope of your audit by an order of magnitude. Bluezone cloud service further lowers your short and long term support and sustainment costs, as the result of the reduction in the required operational effort and technology footprint.

Move it to the zone… the Bluezone!

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Unique Solution Bluezonex

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Q: What is the Bluezone differentiating factor, how is it unique with compare to other information security solution providers competing in the marketplace?

Bluezone is the only technology vendor and solution provider that manages all of your critical confidential information end to end. This covers traditional computer data, retail or mobile device, voice communications and other rich media channels. The Bluezone solution uniquely captures your data at the IT perimeter, using military-grade security algorithms to encrypt and protect all sensitive elements. Bluezone does not introduce a significant change to your data flows and business processes, and works with new and legacy applications while reducing the data footprint and effort to implement.


Data Encryption Bluezonex

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Q: How does Bluezone solution manage your voice and data streams and reduce your overall liability and financial risk?

Bluezone solution monitors your voice and data pathways before anything enters your internal information systems. When a Bluezone channel monitoring component detects customer-defined private data, such as credit/debit card number, health card or state ID, our system removes the sensitive information and replaces it with a sanitized encrypted version of the data, to be transacted to your applications.


Scope Reduction Bluezonex

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Q: Does Bluezone solution reduce the scope of regulatory compliance delivery and audit?

Bluezone solution can save you up to 85% of your compliance delivery and recurring audit expenses. By capturing and changing your sensitive data at your IT perimeter, the flow of the digital information inside your corporate network is non-sensitive, therefore reducing the scope of your financial and technology audit certification.


Data Destination Bluezonex

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Q: Where does the original sensitive data go?

Bluezone captures your sensitive information early in the flow, removes if from your environment and replaces it with a risk-free encrypted replica. The real data is processed within the Bluezone ecosystem on behalf of your business applications, to be de-sensitized on demand and transacted outside the company. Bluegrid engineered security systems can be either hosted in our Tier 3 data center, or held at your premises in accordance with your security policies and procedures.


Key Management Bluezonex

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Q: Who holds the keys for the data tokenization?

Bluezone uses multi-factor encryption along the lines of best practices of public key infrastructure (PKI). In a nutshell, with any key pair created, the public key is with the client and the private key is installed and maintained by Bluezone. When you put the keys together, your data has now been de-identified and your investment protected.


Data Protection Bluezonex

Q: Bluezone solution removes the sensitive data from my environment, but how can I feel assured that the Bluezone vault won't be compromised and my ``real data`` can't be stolen?

Bluezone offers vendor-managed, fully segregated secure environment options, hosted or on premise. The sensitive data is protected both at the transport and message levels. Multi-layer secure transport, scientifically proven military-grade encryption algorithms, and sophisticated measures of data scattering and masking ensure top level of digital asset protection, and eliminate the feasibility of a data breach.