/// Cloud Engineering

Architecture blueprints, agile methodology and best practices to deliver on demand, multi-tenant security infrastructure.


Cloud computing has changed the face of IT industry in the last decade by optimizing service delivery over the network. A number of public and private cloud designs has emerged, including a hybrid model where network, compute and storage resources are managed across multiple security domains.

Bluezone cloud engineering comes with a proven track record of hybrid cloud engineering, with extensive background in virtualized data center design, secure multi-tenant infrastructure modeling, and out-of-the-box regulatory compliance solutions. Virtualization best practices built into Bluezone cloud architecture allow businesses to combine the benefits of on-premise and hosted services in a uniform and secure manner. A clean separation of concerns around virtual cloud infrastructure compartments delivers operational service mobility and location neutrality.

We will help to transform your IT infrastructure to a service-driven model, where packaged applications are delivered to users on demand, following efficient business processes. Extraordinary security precautions embedded into Bluefabric Architecture form the foundation of high availability, low-risk operation, and drastically reduce the probability of sensitive information exposure to unauthorized parties or data loss.