/// Compliance Delivery

Security control framework and advisory services based on a “zero trust” model to facilitate cost-effective compliance.


Corporate and regulatory compliance planning and delivery is a huge concern for many industry-leading corporations around the world. Businesses are striving to demonstrate compliance with PCI, FedRAMP, HIPAA, OSFI and other standards at minimal cost, ensuring alignment with government regulations, protecting brand and reputation, and preserving competitive advantage.

Quite often, compliance turns into a burden of expensive and lengthy process of massive data classification, adherence uncertainty and scope creep. That is precisely when Bluezone comes to the rescue. Our innovative technology in data security and compliance scope reduction, combined with strategic consulting services help companies fast-track their compliance delivery and reduce maintenance overhead.

Our experienced compliance strategy advisors are well positioned to show the value on day one, based on the unique combination of technical and regulatory background. Cloud infrastructure design, multi-tenant system engineering, payment industry integration and information security architecture are only a subset of skills that we will bring to the table when it comes to advising you on the matters of secure data acquisition and retention. The biggest business benefits reported by our clients are increased information safety, service availability improvements and huge cost savings in compliance delivery.