/// Banking/Financial

Apply data-centric security to critical financial transactions.


The Bluezone solution for Banking and Financial Services significantly reduces the footprint of your financial confidential information, therefore minimizing information security and compliance delivery costs. Sharing and processing sensitive financial records is safer than ever.

The financial sector is facing increasing scrutiny to ensure that they comply with regulations, especially with the payment industry, reporting or cross-border issues. This is evident in the escalating cost to ensure and maintain compliance, and in the cost of compliance audits. Any significant, adverse internal audit findings are causing even greater impact, as they affect current and planned operations and projects. Even of a bigger concern is the risk of damaging the corporate brand by failing to comply with the regulations.

With Bluezone, the span of your sensitive data is limited to the on-premise or hosted self-contained environment, completely taking your own information systems and applications out of scope of sophisticated security implementation. The Bluezone solution supplies an enterprise-class, secure financial computing infrastructure that delivers out-of-the-box PCI, SOX and OSFI compliance readiness, while facilitating expedient regulatory certification.