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Inject information protection into federal cloud services.


In today’s rapidly changing public services environment, the process of managing and sharing federal and personal information is changing, too. The amount of data collected, from where it is obtained, the way it is stored and transacted, and how it is used within the agency is evolving at a staggering pace. The regulatory compliance requirements mandated to safeguard this data has added a layer of cost and effort equal to, if not greater than that needed to secure the information itself. Many of today’s data security solutions are not keeping up with the public services trends, or provide only part of a solution.

The Bluezone cloud service enables unprecedented levels of information protection, collecting sensitive data at the closest location to the point of capture, where it is de-identified and masked. The data remains in this state while in transit, during processing and at rest, without losing any agency function or capability.

Bluezone safeguards your critical federal data, while bringing the benefits of out-of-the-box FedRAMP compliance. Every Bluezone environment is a state-of-the art, security services cloud designed to process data-intensive federal agency workloads, while maintaining scalability, flexibility and operational efficiency. All within a framework that provides a cost effective way of meeting the mandatory government regulations.