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Ensure ultimate privacy of electronic health records.


The Bluezone solution for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries offers a secure, integrated environment that safely manages private patient data with minimal administration and maintenance cost. Records exchange between medical professionals has never been simpler and more secure.

Today, the presence of Electronic Health Records (EHR) is one of the finest examples to explain how personal data is used in healthcare. These records are designed to store patient information and simplify the process of documentation for the physician and the entire healthcare team. However, along with the ever growing channels of access to healthcare records, comes the ever increasing presence of uninvited intrusion to individual personal medical information.

With Bluezone, the perimeter of your sensitive data is limited to the on-premise or hosted environment, completely taking your own processing systems and applications out of scope of sophisticated security implementation. The formal HIPAA or equivalent regulatory certification becomes simple, combined with the benefits of highly secure medical computing infrastructure to support your technology operations and partner networking needs.