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Enable wholesale hardware with safe smart device networking.


Bluezone enables secure connectivity of wholesale and retail hardware enhanced with smart device capabilities. A fully integrated, scalable security infrastructure supports a very high number of devices communicating various kinds of sensitive data over the public and private networks.

Internet of Things (IoT) systems enable companies to use networks of sensors and controls to better compete for customers, and to offer new levels of customer engagement. Developing and deploying smart, connected hardware products, and retrofitting existing equipment, is very challenging: it requires coordination of network connectivity, application integration, data security and system management. However, organizations have experienced security breaches in the very functions in which they are deploying IoT solutions, prompting security to be a chief concern when rolling out their implementations.

Bluezone brings a wealth of technology innovation and information security expertise when it comes to enabling and protecting effective communication of embedded devices with a mix of cloud services provided by the hardware manufacturer, as well as partnering networks and operational centers.

The Bluezone solution for Manufacturing covers security aspects of Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth based data interaction with mobile phones and tablets, smart device integration with the central control and repository systems, and links to third-party enablement services. Any kind of data deemed sensitive is de-identified, masked, encrypted and/or tokenized at the point of origin, prior to being propagated to the peer or hub components of the smart network. As a result, consumer privacy is not compromised, while restrictive government and industry compliance objectives are achieved at minimal cost.