/// Retail/Merchant

Securely integrate retail and online payment systems.


Bluezone reduces the footprint of your confidential financial records, therefore minimizing information security and compliance delivery costs.

The evolution of card transactions prompts retailers to look into better ways of integrating payment terminals and other card processing devices with their inventory management and customer service systems, raising new security and privacy concerns. Contactless interaction using cards and mobile devices is making its way into store register and service kiosk environments, only to increase the current risks.

The perimeter of your clients’ sensitive data is limited to the on-premise or hosted Bluezone environment, completely taking your own backend systems and retail desktop applications out of scope of complex security implementation and PCI, SOX or ISO certification, facilitating a true, secure retail infrastructure.

The Bluezone solution introduces de-identification and masking of your voice, mobile, web and legacy data pathways that send or receive sensitive financial transactions. Bluezone environment becomes your secure information transport to the world, with privacy controls applied to customer payment credentials. It allows you to maintain the end-to-end security of all card based interactions integrated with your retail systems, card issuers and credit bureaus.