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Manage payment credentials with a focus on customer privacy.


Bluezone reduces the presence of unsecured customer data in online reservation and payment processing systems, therefore minimizing information security and compliance delivery costs. Centralized, cloud-based point of data protection delivers customer privacy and operational efficiency.

Approximately a quarter of all retail security breaches is attributed to hospitality services, making it one of the top three industries compromised. A ballpark of hospitality industry compromises is due to the need of remotely managing disparate locations and payment systems, often presenting weak security credentials and configurations. Two thirds of these compromises are on retail point-of-sale (POS) systems, which integrate payment terminals, customer support and property management applications.

A growing number of compromises is observed in online booking systems used by third-party service providers to facilitate reservations for multiple businesses in the hotel, air travel and car rental categories. Despite booking service providers not retaining a whole lot of brand recognition outside the industry, attackers specifically and deliberately target these firms serving as an attractive aggregation point for customers’ sensitive data.

Bluezone converts travel and hospitality computing infrastructure into a “zero trust” environment, where customer credentials are verified and secured regardless of which device they are captured on, how they are distributed and processed, and how long they are kept in the permanent storage. Masked, encrypted and tokenized data cannot easily be recovered in its original form, and therefore has no value on the black market. The de-identified data is excluded from the PCI and PII compliance scope, which significantly reduces the expense and inconvenience of maintaining counter-productive business processes and overwhelming security controls.