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Bluezone offers simple, flexible and predictable support structure to help drive your business success and sustain the confidentiality of your critical cyber assets. Our technical support throughout the entire Bluezone product lifecycle puts you in control of your upgrade strategy and makes it easy for you to plan and budget product upgrades or additional application integration scenarios. We will always be there to support your business!



Regular Maintenance support phase formally starts with the General Availability (GA) of the product across the entire client community, and becomes effective for any particular customer with the beginning of production operations. Products are fully supported and maintained upon GA (production operations) and until the End of Maintenance (EOM).

Bluezone will supply product maintenance updates in the form of patches, service packs and minor versions. Customers may be required to upgrade to a particular service pack or minor version to be able to receive continuous maintenance.


Extended Maintenance phase starts with the EOM date and is effective until product End of Life (EOL) announcement. This phase is considered to be somewhat limited in technical support capabilities. where critical security and runtime issues will be corrected up to the discretion of Bluezone product management and engineering, based on the internal market assessment and quality assurance.

Bluezone will diligently analyze the most up-to-date industry trends, technology standards, compliance specifications, environment assessments and customer feedback prior to making a decision of whether any particular Bluezone product should enter the Extended Maintenance phase. Such decision is carefully made to balance the security advisories, stability reports, technical innovation and customer desire to receive new product functionality or enhanced operational capabilities.


At some point of the evolution of any Bluezone hardware or software, product management will make a decision to consider that particular release have reached its end of support. Such decision will result in the EOL announcement of the product version, and officially mark it entering Limited Maintenance phase.

Some customers may choose to continue using that product release under the conditions of their effective Bluesone License and Service Agreement, however technical support for that release would be very constrained in capability. In addition, product releases in the Limited Maintenance phase no longer have any related engineering work in progress, and neither their documentation and knowledge center updated with any new information for customer use.

Registered customers can contact Blueline Support at support@bluelinex.com to find out additional details about the effective support options.