/// Technical Support

Experienced support engineers always ready to offer best-in-class customer service. Knowledge, due diligence. Problem solved.


Building superior client experience and trust. Bluezone employs experienced technical workforce dedicated to managing client requests and solving issues arising in their complex, mission-critical technology environments which include our product line.

Our valued clients benefit from the following Bluezone support offerings:


Express Support is intended for non-critical applications of Bluezone technology and is available on 8×5 basis, which implies regular business hours of 9:00 – 17:00 local time, Monday-Friday excluding statutory holidays. This support option includes call center access and remote assistance.


Premium Support is designed for mission-critical production environments and is available 24×7 for any Severity 1 issues. With this support offering, the clients obtain access to our most experienced teams staffed around the clock to ensure the most efficient response to production incidents.

Aside from call center and remote assistance, customers receive coverage for Bluezone product upgrade guidance and in-depth root cause analysis, and benefit from reduced anticipated response times. The ultimate goal of Premium Support is zero-impact on your bottom line and operational efficiency.


At Bluezone, we believe that timely and high-quality support is an essential element of customer success. Strategic nature of your investments is well protected with Bluezone support offerings, which include the following benefits:

Efficient diagnostic techniques and methods employed by our support professionals

Rapid issue identification, lifecycle management and resolution

Expedited low-impact product upgrades with minimal or no interruption of service

Single point of accountability for your on-premise and hosted solutions

You can contact Bluezone Support at 1-888-414-5739 or send an e-mail to support@bluelinex.com